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What to know before...


GEM Technology manages to deposit most of the energy in a place coinciding with the position of the hair follicles. The broadband enables the treatment of hair types, which are traditionally hard to treat-such as feathery hair or bright hair. As in other systems energy is delivered to the melamine of the hair shaft. The broadband vascular components target the tiny capillaries supplying nutrition to the hair follicles


The appropriate computer program combines the unique features of GEM Technology and the broadband components in order to dissolve unwanted blemishes of the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation & Herpes

Our machine's universal handpiece is ideally suited to this application. Treatment is painless, fast and based on natural biological mechanisms.


Large Spot Size


The larger the spot size the better the efficiency and speed of the treatment. Our spot is amongst the largest in the market, enabling a highly efficient usage of energy and promising a safe and painless treatment.

4 Grades of Acne


All 4 grades of acne respond especially well to early treatment. Dermatologists recommend that acne be treated early to maximize effectiveness as well as help prevent scarring. High intensity broad spectrum light is absorbed in the photo excitation process and releases a sing-let oxygen, which is fatal to the bacteria, and effectively clears the inflammation. This reaction is confined to the bacteria and has no effect on surrounding tissue.

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Advantages over other Treatments

  •   Much larger treatment area.

  •   Painless treatment compared with laser treatments.

  •   No risk of burns and pigmentation.

  •   Ability to treat a wider range of hair and skin colours than lasers due to broadband light compared with a single wavelength.

  •   The usage of relatively low temperature allows deep penetration of light into the skin with no damage on top of it.

  •   High Tech Professional equipment for hair removal leaving neither burns nor side effects.

  •   Painless treatment. No patient's discomfort.

  •   Special patented optical technique that focuses the light energy under skin level and not on top of it.

  •   Excellent and quick treatment.

  •   Effective on all skin types.

  •   Leaves no burns to the skin and no side effects.

  •   12 computerized programs for most skin types.

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